Launching your own Animation

Place the animation on YouTube

Even if you only want to post your animation on your website, it might be wise to upload the explanation video to YouTube. For example, it is very easy to share YouTube videos in social media. Not a fan of Youtube? No problem, there are a lot of other websites where you can upload your video. Good examples are and The first step before uploading your explanation video is to choose a good title and description.

Choosing a good title

Nobody searches for spongy terms, so choose a title that clearly describes what your animation is about. For example, a sentence from the script or your slogan. Always prefer a clear title to a creative one. Example: “How does product A work?

A good description

For the description under the explanation video the same applies as for the title: describe as clearly as possible what happens in the video. This makes it much easier for people to find your animation. You have several animations? Then make sure that the descriptions are consistent with each other. YouTube recognizes similar descriptions and suggests one of your other animations to people who have viewed your animation.

Choose the right keywords

YouTube is a search engine, just like Google. By using relevant keywords (passwords) in the title, the description and by placing tags, your animation will be found more easily!

Below are a few tips on how to choose the right keywords:

Start with the tags that are most relevant to your story. What is explained in the animation?
Also add tags with often made spelling mistakes (people often mistype when searching!).
Use a YouTube keyword tool to find more relevant keywords.

Place the explanation video on the website

Once the animation is placed on YouTube, the next step is to place the animation on your website. A video on the website can make a big difference, but what should you watch out for? Embed the YouTube animation in your website. By adding the explanation video to YouTube, your website will be found better! (YouTube belongs to Google).You can search Animation companies in Singapore for greater details in animation.

Place your animation in a prominent place on your website, for example directly on the homepage. Don’t let the video play automatically, most people find it unpleasant.

More youtube subscribers

The more subscribers you have, the better people will be informed when you publish a new explanation video and the higher your animations will be placed in the search results. But how do you get new subscribers?

In the following we describe a simple method:

Add the name of your channel to this link (where now funkeanimations stands) animations
If someone clicks on this link, they will be asked directly if they want to subscribe to the channel!

Don’t use the whole URL, but create a hyperlink of it in a shorter word
Example: Follow us on YouTube! Click on this link to become a subscriber!

Spread the link

Share the link with your clients and colleagues. Place the link on your website and add it to your newsletter and email signature. You can also have the link distributed by partners.

Start an online campaign

Okay, now your animation is online, well done! But how can you spread the animation even further online? We explain three possibilities.

Write a blog about your animation

A blog is an ideal way to share your company’s knowledge with others and attract more attention to both your explanation video and your website. What do you need to look out for?

A good blog entry is at least 300 words long

Start with an appealing first sentence that invites you to read on.
Place internal links in your blog entry. In this way you make sure that people get to other relevant topics on the website. Add relevant images, we’ll be happy to help! For more information and advice, feel free to contact us.

Use online banners

Do you use your animation as part of a marketing campaign? Then it can be useful to support the campaign with relevant online banners. We can also develop such banners for you! Here you can find an example of an animated banner.

Spread the animation externally

For example, you would like to recruit new customers or inform a certain target group. How exactly do you do this with an animation? We have collected a few tips!

Always have the explanation video at hand

When someone asks you about your great new product, it’s time to show the animation! But the internet doesn’t work, what now? So make sure you always have the explanation video on your smartphone or tablet. So you can explain your concept at any time.

Add the animation to your newsletter

If you add a video to your newsletter, the number of people who continue to click can increase enormously! To avoid the email ending up in the spam folder, the best thing to do is to add a screenshot of the explanation video with a link to the page where the video was uploaded.


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