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Muffled smelling drains are refreshed with the following household remedy: Mix half a cup of baking powder with a quarter cup of cooking salt. Pour the mixture into the drain and pour a cup of heated white vinegar over it. It will froth vigorously and bubble. Let it rest for 15 minutes and then pour hot water from the tap on it for 15 to 30 seconds. Please note: This method does not help with clogged drains, but serves to refresh drains.

If you can’t do anything, invite your friends or get a part time helper. Believe me, you’ll get the kitchen in shape in no time at all. A problem only arises when you’re cooking again, so it’s best to just invite for coffee and cake or order food ?

The last tip is of course to be seen with a wink, but basically it helps to create small motivational supports. Of course you can also reward yourself with a little something if you have managed to empty and clean the sink every morning and evening for a week in a row. As I said at the beginning, the secret is to do a little every day and not wait until the kitchen is dirty. Have fun implementing the tips.

Home remedies and tips for cleaning

The cleaning of the toilet belongs to the weekly house cleaning. As an alternative to the toilet cleaner there are some interesting household remedies.

Cleaning the toilet is not very attractive. But if you don’t want to be omnipotent about dirt when going to the toilet every day, you can’t avoid work. With the right tips, you only need a few minutes and even less work to have a clean toilet again. If you wait too long and don’t clean regularly, you’ll have to work much harder in the sometimes rather unpleasant areas. In the fight against calcium deposits and urine stones, you don’t necessarily have to clean your toilet with special products. Baking powder, cola, denture cleanser and vinegar also help.

Use waiting time effectively and clean the rest of the bath.

To clean your toilet, you need rubber gloves, toilet cleaner, a toilet brush and household cleaner as well as a cloth. First spray the cleaner on the ceramic and – from inside and outside – on the lid and glasses. Let the liquid soak in for a few minutes and then wipe it off thoroughly. You can use the respective waiting times to clean your shower or sink.

Tip: Leave the cleaner on for a long time.

Now use the WC Cleaner and walk it along the edge of the bowl. Thanks to the curved neck you can reach even the remotest corners. After about half an hour – you can put the toilet brush into the shaft as long as you want – you scrub thoroughly inside the toilet with the toilet brush. Rinse well several times and dip the brush vigorously into the water for cleaning. It can happen that a musty smell rises. This is a good sign, as you have apparently caught dirt that has not yet been discovered.

In the toilet there are some hard-to-reach places, such as bent drain pipes. However, other dental cleaners also attack these dirty areas. Throw two tablets into the drain, wait half an hour and then simply brush away the remaining dirt. Also Cola has undreamt-of abilities. Pour plenty of – well a bottle – into the toilet and let the lemonade work in for 30 minutes. If you want to play it safe in the fight against urine scale and lime scale, wait a night. Then remove the residue with a brush.

The third household remedy in the bunch is baking powder. Especially against heavy urine stone you sprinkle the powder into the toilet and let it work for a while. Finally flush the powder away or use the toilet brush as described above. You can also use baking soda as an alternative to baking powder.

Take advantage of the hanging. 

When it comes to removing dirt, vinegar is a real classic among household remedies – as it is when cleaning the toilet. Use the all-purpose weapon against urine scale and lime. Let the contents of a bottle work in overnight and the toilet should shine again.

In order not to come into contact with stubborn dirt, you should clean your toilet regularly, at least once a week. Hanging toilets are generally considered easier to clean – even if they are not as easy to install as a stand-alone toilet. Wiping is also much easier. Should you buy a new toilet: High-quality porcelain toilets with a special coating are considered easier to clean. Therefore, it is best to find out beforehand in order to make your life easier in the long term.

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