Healthy Lifestyle in Modern World

In recent years many people have started to exercise, take yoga classes and even follow a strict diet in many countries. The reasons behind these activities are many, such as work stress, people suffering from diabetes, people who take a lot of fat in their food and because of the pollution and urbanization in progress. Most people living in cities suffer from heavy pollution due to the ingestion of carbon monoxide in their bodies. Because of this strong intake there are many side effects involved in this process.

Most people are also addicted to smoking and alcohol, recent studies of one organization out of 100 people who drink 60% more than is healthy. In most countries, the percentage of the female population who abuse alcohol is also increasing. For this reason, many doctors suggest that people exercise regularly and play sports in their free time. Heart disease has increased enormously from 35% to 70% in the last ten years. In recent years, most children are born with illnesses as a result of their parents’ poor health and lifestyle. So in these times it is necessary to follow certain rules so that our health and that of the younger generation is healthy.

Maintaining health is nothing more than keeping our body clean with healthy habits such as regular exercise. First of all, a regular run of 2 km is enough for an average age individual. During the school days up to university everyone is dedicated to one or the other sport, but when people find a job they forget about health and soon they are dedicated to work. You should consult your doctor every 3-4 months for a regular check-up. They should not be stressed – if they find stress they should attend yoga classes every day so that their blood pressure is normal. Otherwise, this would lead to high blood pressure or hearing loss, which could lead to heart disease. Most corporate companies in the United States and the rest of the world employ dietitians, physiotherapists and even good doctors to take care of their employees.

The next thing I want to discuss is diet, because the intake food we are taking is responsible for all the fats, carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes needed that will be useful for the conversion or use of energy in the human body. We should follow the diet in a very strict way avoiding the junk food available on the market. A recent survey states that most people get sick from eating junk food. A food with low fat content is advisable because by taking a higher fat content the fat accumulates in the veins and arteries of the human body, resulting in hypertension which can lead to heart disease. In order to reduce the fat in the human body we should take less oil or cheese or butter in our food there by controlling the fat in the human body. Regular exercise will be useful to control the fat in the human body.

Doing sports will be good exercise in the human body. Swimming is also a good sport. We should maintain our body weight according to our height. There we can reduce our health problems in most cases. I conclude my discussion on the subject by saying that regular exercise or yoga and a strict diet and by doing sports and regular checkups we can keep our body healthy after all there is an old saying “Health is wealth”.

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